Gail Pendergrast


Gail has experience as a real estate investor for the last 15 years and is excited to expand her love for people and home ownership to residential real estate.  She  has a undergraduate and graduate degree in nursing and continues to use those skills in health prevention and life ownership through a one on one coaching practice and conducting workshops for businesses  and groups through her work with her physician husband at Aiken-Augusta Holistic Health.  She is committed to lifelong learning and has been involved in different business sales ventures over the last 25 years which has provided much opportunity for growth and personal development. She is the mother of four young adult children and she and her husband have recently relocated from the Augusta area to the North Augusta. She is thrilled to be part of the NO Place Like Home Team with the opportunity to work with people committed to providing excellence in real estate and always remembering that relationships and caring for people for their best interest is the bottom line.  She has a flexible schedule and is more than willing to spend time with you to support you in fulfilling your real estate needs.